Curriculum Vitae


Work Experience

October 2011 - present
Software Architect, Project and Product Manager
itemis AG, Berlin, Germany
January 2008 - September 2011
Product Manager, Senior Software Engineer
Head of Processes & Tools
OpenSynergy GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Development of tools for integrating infotainment and automotive (AUTOSAR) software on the same embedded hardware.
  • Planning and marketing of the COQOS product line. Collaborate with the stakeholders and development teams. Apply agile software development.
March 2004 - December 2007
System Designer
Carmeq GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Business Team Systmarchitecture and Integration
  • Representative of Volkswagen in the international AUTOSAR development partnership: Spokesperson of several working groups and document owner of more than 10 specifications on description languages for electric/ electronic systems, development methodology and tools
  • Development of a graphical methodology for designing domain specific languages and rollout in the standardisation organisations AUTOSAR, HIS and ASAM
  • Instructor on AUTOSAR related topics for in-house and external trainings
  • Development of a UML based methodology for the documentation and benchmarking of system architectures
  • Idea and concept of the “Open Tools Framework for Automotive” initiative
March 2002 - January 2004
Research Assistant
Research, safety critical systems
OFFIS - Safety Critical Systems, Oldenburg, Germany
Research institute for computer science, group of Prof. Dr. Werner Damm
  • Analysis of the engineer standards ERTMS/ETCS, CENELEC, SPICE and CMMI with respect to applicability of formal methods and model based development
  • Documentation of best practices from academia and industry in developing software for safety critical systems in the Software-Engineering Knowledgebase
  • Organisation of technical seminars in cooperation with the GfSE, German chapter of INCOSE
  • Representative of OFFIS in the EuroInterlocking project which focuses on standardization of interlocking systems on an European level
  • Elaboration and implementation of the research project OPRAIL - CENELEC-driven optimization of the development of train control systems
February 2001 - March 2004
Web applications, tool development
  • Development of tool for generating customized user interfaces for web-applications in cooperation with OpenKnowledge
  • Development of tool for runtime-verification of Java applications - Jassda
September 1999 - July 2001
Junior Software Developer
Web applications
Canbox Systems AG, Oldenburg, Germany
  • Development of tools for importing user data from various data sources into the Unified Messaging System Canbox
  • Development of email-to-fax renderer
August 1996 - August 1999
Student Research Assistant
OFFIS - Multimedia and Internet Information Services, Oldenburg, Germany
Research institute for computer science
  • Implementation of web based user interface for the electronic library MeDoc
  • Development of interactive 2D and 3D simulations for the virtual laboratory for genetic engineering GenLab

Education and Training

September 2006
ISTQB Certified Tester - Foundation Level
October 1994 - January 2002
Master of Science (Diploma), Computer Science
Carl von Ossietzky Universität, Oldenburg, Germany
Department of Theoretical Informatics, Correct System Design,
group of Prof. Dr. Ernst-Rüdiger Olderog
The thesis "Trace- und Zeit- Zusicherungen beim Programmieren mit Vertrag" researched on runtime verification and extended the concept of Design by Contract by bertrand Meyer.

Skills and Competences

Mother tongue
Other languages
English: Proficient User
French: Basic User
Social Skills and Competences
By working in several projects and international standardization organizations I have gained a good ability to adapt to technical languages of different customers and to harmonize their interests.
Organisational Skills and Competences
  • Good skills in leading teams gained through my activities as spokesperson of working packages in the AUTOSAR development partnership
  • Good ability to convince partners to work together on common subjects. I initiated the Open Tool Framework for Automotive initiative and organized the consortium of the OPRAIL project
Technical Skills and Competences
  • Since March 2004 I gained in depth knowledge on AUTOSAR standards by representing Volkswagen in working groups.
Model-driven engineering
  • At OFFIS I analysed how development processes can be optimised by using executable formal languages, code generation, formal verification technologies and automated test vector generators.
  • Within the AUTOSAR development partnership I established a metamodel for defining the description language for automotive electric/electronic systems and designed and implemented report and XML schema generators. Additionally, I used Eclipse EMF technology to generate generic tools for manipulating and validating data defined in that language. The metamodel driven approach is now being adopted by other standardization organizations such as ASAM and HIS.
  • By defining UML profiles for several customers I gained detailed knowledge on the UML standard and UML tools.
Programming Skills and Competences

Publications and Conferences

I was a member of the program committee of - Third Workshop on Object-oriented Modelling of Embedded Real-Time Systems, 2005.

Additionally, I published / presented the following papers: